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Gowtham B

Software Developer / Tech Writer 





Chuckleville, Giggletown

Haha County, LOL 56789

Date of Birth:

May 31st , 1999

A Bit About Me

Salutations, netizens and pixel enthusiasts! I'm Gowtham B, the resident Tech Whiz and Word Sorcerer. Picture this: I bring software documentation to life so vividly that even algorithms do a double take. Whether I'm herding APIs like a digital cowboy or teaching databases to cha-cha with SQL, my superpower lies in transforming tech jargon into a language even your grandma's cat would understand.


When I'm not deciphering code hieroglyphics, you might spot me at a local cafe, contemplating whether debugging is just the tech version of solving life's little mysteries. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to journey through the quirky intersection of bytes, puns, and HTML dreams!

Obviously, I do also CODE!

Work Experience

Bowshy (Service Startup)



Developer / Marketer

In my role as a SaaS Product Marketer, I lead the expansion of our software products into India. By tailoring marketing campaigns to the Indian audience and collaborating with local experts, I've driven significant user growth. Witnessing our products positively impact businesses and individuals in this dynamic market has been immensely rewarding.

Developer / Technical Content Writer

In my role as a React.js Developer, I specialize in creating dynamic and responsive web applications using React.js. My focus is on delivering exceptional user experiences by translating design concepts into interactive websites. I stay updated with the latest front-end trends to ensure our applications exceed user expectations.

Fullstack Intern

As a Full-stack Developer, I bring expertise in both frontend and backend technologies. I excel in building engaging user interfaces with React while also designing and implementing server-side logic and APIs using Node.js and Express.js. My experience includes database management and optimizing server performance. I'm dedicated to delivering seamless end-to-end solutions.

Hey, feel free to grab my CVs from over here!


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